The development of technology and information systems allows companies to have a more efficient communication system. This allows direct contact with all parties involved, improving the smooth running of the company. If we are talking about the company's products, software solutions exist to control the management of communication.

What is PIM?

According to the definition of PIM, a software solution makes it possible to centralise all the information on a product. This makes it easier to manage and distribute information across all existing channels. Product information can come from all departments of a company, or even from different parties. To ensure that everyone has the same level of information, it allows for real-time updating of data. This is possible thanks to the development of the Internet and the globalisation of exchanges, by allowing everyone to access it. It also facilitates customer relations by providing reliable information on products and their availability. Click here for more information.

How to optimise Product Information Management?

PIM can manage all existing data types, including text, images, videos or even URLs. It allows you to structure the information available for each product so that it can be accessed by the right people at the right time. As it is integrated into the information system, it can exchange directly with the website, mobile applications and all networks. In the marketing strategy, it allows a very reliable sharing of information at all levels and departments. Thus, the sales force will improve customer relations by accessing a rich source of data to help them in their argumentation. Similarly, the purchasing department will also be able to update prices and information from suppliers.

What are the benefits of Product Information Management?

Product Information Management is an integral part of a marketing strategy that aims to improve customer relations. Reliable information ensures that the data available to customers is of high quality. With the information managed by the same information system, all channels will deliver consistent, reliable and quality information. Interaction is possible between all actors, thanks to the automation of exchanges through the information system. Thanks to PIM, the customer's product experience is improved, allowing for more effective product marketing. Indeed, information is distributed according to the needs and specificities of customers, guaranteeing better satisfaction.