It is important to always opt for a process of innovation in order for the company to thrive in its sector. Whether it is the introduction of new products, new working methods or process improvements, innovation is always necessary.

What is innovation?

First of all, it is important to distinguish between invention and innovation. Invention is a new idea never seen before. Innovation, on the other hand, is the exploitation and application of the idea. Within a company, innovation refers to the emergence of new things such as replacing or improving work processes to increase productivity and efficiency, adding value to existing markets or products to differentiate the company from its competitors, or introducing new products and services to meet consumer and customer needs, to do so you need the help of embedded systems and IoT experts.

The benefits of using innovation

Opting for innovation generates many benefits for a company. Innovation allows the company to improve its productivity and efficiency, and it makes the company more competitive with its competitors in the sector in which it operates. Innovation can also create new relationships and partnerships, or improve profitability and thus increase the company's turnover. The risks of not innovating are the loss of market share to competitors, a drop in productivity and efficiency, the loss of good staff, a consequent decrease in profit and margins, or even the closure of the company in case of total bankruptcy. It is therefore important to always innovate within a company to prevent such damage from occurring.

How to use innovation well?

In order to innovate well within a company, it is important to carry out market research in order to understand how the innovation could add value to products/services and customers. It is also important to identify innovation opportunities so that products and services can be adapted to changes in the market. Innovation can take place through the development of a completely new product, a new technology, new working techniques or new practices, for example. In order to allow innovation to emerge, there must always be a strategic vision of how the business could develop in a successful way.