How to use innovation to develop your business?

It is important to always opt for a process of innovation in order for the company to thrive in its sector. Whether it is the introduction of new products, new working methods or process improvements, innovation is always necessary. What…

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How to develop connected applications?

Nowadays, millions of people are opting for an ultra-connected lifestyle. These people prefer to use their smartphones or computers to do their shopping without leaving their homes, which makes their lives easier. Businesses also use applications to interact with their…

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How to gain visibility on the internet?

Contrary to what one might think, running a website is not that simple. On the Internet, competition is omnipresent and can sometimes call into question factors such as search engine ranking. To gain web visibility, there are various solutions, including…

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What is PIM: product information management?

The development of technology and information systems allows companies to have a more efficient communication system. This allows direct contact with all parties involved, improving the smooth running of the company. If we are talking about the company’s products, software…

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How to set up a DAM project?

Among the digital marketing tools, DAM or Digital Asset Management currently plays an important role. It is a solution associated with the administration of automatic marketing, whether on CMS or on social networks. Indeed, it helps to identify digital content…

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How to make a success of your PIM project?

PIM is software created to support the company in distributing, managing and manufacturing the content of their omnichannel product repository. We will show you what it is and how to make your PIM project a success. What is PIM? PIM…

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