How to make a success of your PIM project?

PIM is software created to support the company in distributing, managing and manufacturing the content of their omnichannel product repository. We will show you what it is and how to make your PIM project a success.

What is PIM?

PIM (Product Information Management) is the process of updating, cultivating and collecting all the data related to the products generated by a company, with the help of processes and software. The data allows the exchange of data made in a network of distributors, the updating of lists on e-commerce sites and the scope of catalogues issued. In this way, PIM tools enable the customer experience to be standardised across all sales channels. For a successful PIM project, visit Goaland.

How does PIM work?

The PIM project focuses on the centralisation of information and data in a single database. Thus, the correction and identification of inconsistent or problematic data. The PIM also collects product information from different data sources and ensures the automation of business processes related to data movement and updating. Finally, this project focuses on the dissemination of the information produced to sales channels, marketing, social media and retail.

The PIM project, how to succeed?

The first step to a successful PIM project is to spend time observing the internal act of absorbing your current organisation's repetitive actions, weak points and time-consuming tasks. This allows you to sort out the data and the worn-out tools. Then describe the scope of the project. The MIP does not have to replace all the tools in your instruction. Finally, conduct the project in good regulations, thinking about the well-being of the customers and being positive about the time to be allocated to the project. Keep in mind that your clients will need time to relax to implement the project. Close key clients who will act as sponsors to the internal teams and assist their influence on the project. Thus, set the working time to allow them to adapt the new tool gradually. Above all, escape the feeling of too aggressive separation from their old working methods. Therefore, the PIM software not only assists in managing technical production data, but also in sales and marketing. The PIM project has a great many benefits such as the centralisation of all production information, help to exploit the data....
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