How is a website integrated?

The first phase in the creation of a web portal is the creation of a graphic model. Once the client is satisfied with the result, it is time to move on to the technical part: the integration of the design and content. Because of the importance of this phase, it should not be taken lightly.

Focus on web integration

This is the stage that follows the graphic model. Web integration consists of setting up the site itself. To do this, the IT specialist uses different kinds of languages. The most commonly used is the famous "HTML". It is used to design the home page and the internal pages of the platform. These will then form the skeleton of the web portal. Tags are used to create the semantic structure of photos, tables and other content on each page. CSS" is also essential when you want to integrate a website. It was designed to format the elements of HTML. It is also used to give them style. Once the lines of HTML and CSS code have been written, it is time to check the preview of the different pages on the platform. To do this, the integrator must test them on the most popular and widely used browsers. If the content of the web portal is displayed correctly, you can put it online. If not, the source of the problem must be found and solved before it can be made available to Internet users.

Why take care of the integration of a website?

Since integration is a kind of bridge between the virtual world of the Internet and the design of the site, it is important to respect the following points. First of all, the design provided by the graphic designer must not be modified. The site must comply with current web standards. Finally, it is crucial that it can be opened with any browser. When planning a website integration, it is important to review these 3 points in detail.

Entrust the integration of a website to a professional

Because of the importance of integration to the platform, it is advisable to always contact an expert in the field. Unless you are a seasoned computer scientist, you should never take care of this step. This is the safest way to achieve a flawless website integration.
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