A touchscreen laptop to suit your needs

In the world of high technology, the computer is one of the most successful innovations that humans have invented. At the moment, computer scientists are always trying to improve it to make it easier to handle for everyone who uses it. We will see the evolution of the computer. Then we will analyse the prices of the laptop on the market. We will also look at its advantages and disadvantages.

The evolution of the computer

A computer is an electronic machine for programming and processing information. The very first computer was created at the University of Pennsylvania in 1945 by American engineers, it weighed thirty tons with eighteen thousand vacuum lamps, and it ran for nine years. But then, as the computer is an indispensable tool in the development of the history of computing, computer scientists innovated and were able to create what is called a microcomputer or pc, which is the smaller version of the first computer, it is essentially composed of the computer case, input devices such as the keyboard and mouse, output devices such as the screen, printers or speakers, as well as storage elements such as hard disks. And because people never stop evolving, they went on to create laptops, an even more minimised version, where all input and output devices are integrated into a single case and can be taken anywhere. Indeed, to make it even easier to take and handle, they have also created the touch laptop, where the keyboard and mouse options are all integrated into a touch screen.

The laptop on the market

In marketing, the price of any type of computer varies. Indeed, the price range changes depending on its brand and type. A desktop computer costs between two hundred and one thousand euros. A laptop computer costs between four hundred and two thousand euros. And for a touchscreen laptop, which is the most expensive, its cost is from five hundred euros to two thousand five hundred euros. On the market, there is a new range of laptops, in addition to being touch-sensitive, its screen is also detachable, that is to say, it can be detached from the computer case and used independently like a tablet; and as it is more sophisticated, it is also more expensive than other types of computers, in particular, its price is strictly higher than three thousand euros. So, to enjoy the latest version of the touchscreen laptop, you have to pay a lot. But even if it is expensive, it is more convenient and easier to use than other types of computers. For computer vendors, their market is increasingly shifting towards the sale of laptops and away from desktops.

The advantages of a touchscreen laptop

A touchscreen laptop is a combination of the functionality of a laptop and a touchscreen tablet, rather a tablet that runs under Windows. It is, then, more ergonomic, that is to say that it consumes less energy, and that the state of its battery is powerful by taking more than fifteen hours without charging. It is also ultra light, it is very easy to take with you, because it does not take up too much space because of its very thin screen. And even if its screen is touch-sensitive and its keyboard is integrated inside the PC, its manufacturer has still given it a removable keyboard for people who are not very comfortable with the virtual keyboard. In education, several schools are currently using a touch laptop for their courses. The touch laptop was therefore created to make life easier and to satisfy the needs of each person, both in the workplace and in education.

Its disadvantages

Even though a touchscreen laptop is very common at the moment, it still has its disadvantages on people's lives. In the commercial sector, for example, its price is not affordable for everyone, as it is very expensive compared to other types of computers. And if it is its resistance that we are talking about, a touch screen is fragile, in fact it can be easily cracked. In particular, it doesn't work properly when dirt covers it, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time. And as it is easy to handle, its use is sometimes within the reach of small children, and the use of a touchscreen laptop by a child can be dangerous for his health. So, you have to balance its use, but also consider its disadvantages before buying it, because it is expensive.
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