What are the steps involved in creating a website?

In order to make a business successful or to develop an online shop, it is important to have your own website. This allows you to be more visible to potential customers on the web. How can a website creation project be successful? For a successful and efficient website, all you need to do is to follow all the steps.

Website creation: what is the fundamental step?

If you want to carry out a website creation project yourself or if you want to call on the services of a professional webmaster, it is very important to have the basic knowledge at your disposal. If you use the services of a professional, mastering the basic step will facilitate your relations. Where to start a web project? The fundamental step is the development of the project. This stage consists of needs analysis, project planning and implementation. The needs analysis is essential, because at this stage you define the objectives of the site and identify the targets. The project planning consists in setting up a specification with a schedule that will serve as a reference for the project. The domain name of your future website and the hosting package are registered during the implementation.

The design phase: the step not to be neglected

Once the development stage is over, start with the most technical phase and the heart of website creation: design. This stage allows you to determine the design and structure of the site. In the design phase, it is essential to master a few languages and software such as: CSS, HTML, PHP and Photoshop. At this stage, mock-ups are presented and the programming of the site begins. Forms, animations, parts and functionalities are also developed on each page of your website. During this stage, the exchange between the teams is very important in order to improve the ergonomics and the functionalities present on the site.

Launching and follow-up

Once you have successfully completed all the steps, you can now put your site online on a web server defined in the specifications. After the site is online, ensure regular follow-up. This will keep your website in the top 3 of search results. Also plan improvements over time to keep you ahead of your competitors. To avoid your site becoming a ghost site, you can opt for web writing, adding new options.
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